Well, Namine is asleep in the operating room now. Instead of giving her the medicine that makes her all woozy (they call it “goofy juice”) up in the room, they waited until she was actually in the OR to give it to her. So they let me go back with her so she wouldn’t be quite as stressed out. When I got back to the waiting room, Jessica said I looked white as a sheet. I don’t know why, I mean, Namine’s only having surgery.

Believe me, this was not a good day. Oh, it started out well enough, but ever since we arrived at the hospital, it seems that Namine has known what was going on. She started crying whenever a nurse appeared, and it would take us quite a while to calm her down again. The poke to draw some blood, as you might imagine, did not go any smoother.

Anyway, so Namine’s in the OR now, and we wait. Dr. Denny, the plastic surgeon, said it should be under 3 hours’ time. Wait, and wait, and wait.

This is always the hardest part.