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  • Farewell, Dr. Denny

    Farewell, Dr. Denny

    Namine’s yearly appointment with her cranial-facial doctor was bittersweet; he’s retiring, so today we said goodbye.

  • Dental appointment

    Dental appointment

    Namine had a dental checkup today. The time for her jaw expansion draws ever closer, but not as close as we thought.

  • On school and support

    On school and support

    Every year since Namine was four, we get these memories that show up in our “On This Day” Facebook feed. The memory in question is about us pulling her out of school.

  • Dental appointment

    Dental appointment

    Namine had a dentist appointment today, and it was a doozy.

  • Dental clinic

    Dental clinic

    With all the craziness lately, I never wrote about Namine’s most recent trip to the dentist last month. Some pretty important points were discussed.

  • Dental appointment

    Dental appointment

    Namine had an appointment in the dental clinic. We have some hard decisions ahead of us.

  • At the dentist

    At the dentist

    Having Pierre Robin Sequence, Namine sees her dentist at the hospital.

  • Keep your chin up!

    Keep your chin up!

    Thanks to the awesome folks over at Pierre Robin Sequence Foundation for including Namine in one of their promotional images.

  • Namine’s first loose tooth

    Namine’s first loose tooth

    Tonight, while Namine was brushing her teeth, I noticed that she didn’t turn the electric toothbrush on. Not only that, but she was wincing. After she was done, I took the toothbrush to do a once-over like I always do after she’s done. She told me, “Don’t brush my teeth, Daddy! My teeth hurt!”

  • Tomorrow will be better

    Tomorrow will be better

    I don’t know if this really qualifies as a blog post, as it’s more of just rambling. But I’ve been reading up on Pierre Robin Sequence a bit more lately, in light of Namine’s prosthetic (with which she’s doing superbly well, by the way) as well as the search for comfortable glasses (on which I…

  • Speech appointment

    Speech appointment

    We had an appointment today with the speech pathologist. (Yes, that one.) It went far better than I expected. In fact, we now have solid evidence that not only is Namine speaking better with the palatal prosthetic in, her speech is improved when she isn’t wearing it.

  • Procedures tomorrow

    We’re headed off to the hospital tomorrow, for more procedures. Namine is having two things done: dental work and a bronchoscopy.