Clinic Visit

Good news from the plastic surgeon, plus more excitement than we planned for.

Namine had an appointment today to see Dr. Denny, the plastic surgeon. We’re still on for December 1, so that’s good news number 1. If the hardware placement goes well, and she adjusts well (what a strange thought, adjusting “well” to metal installed in your face), she should only be in the hospital for about 3 days. That’s good news number 2. We dislike long stays in the hospital. Namine’s hardware should stay in for roughly 6 to 8 weeks, and then she’ll be done with it. After the metal is removed, she’ll need another CT scan and scope done to determine how her newly adjusted jaw is doing. If all goes well, Namine’s decanulation (trach removal) should occur around Valentine’s Day next year. That’s good news number 3 FREAKING AMAZING NEWS. That deserves its own paragraph.

Decanulation may occur a full 4+ months ahead of schedule.

So. Keeping in mind that this is tentative, and subject to the health of a strong-willed yet still delicate child, we are, as I like to put it, cautiously optimistic.

Namine had some extra excitement today, too. Her G-tube was pulled out. I know that a certain someone is probably beating themselves up for pulling it out. And really, that’s a good thing… sort of. Nothing teaches caution like making the mistake yourself, we’ve found. Yes, both Jessica and I have pulled out Namine’s G-tube on accident. So have at least a couple of Jessica’s sisters, and it’s even fallen out by itself once. I wouldn’t beat myself up too much over it. If you learn from it, you can guard that much more closely against it happening again.