Hey everybody. Namine has been moved up to the 4th floor. This seemed like a pretty sudden thing, since Jessica got to the PICU room yesterday and they said, “hey, we’re moving her upstairs!” But actually, the doctors tell us that recovery time after the glen procedure is a lot shorter than it was after her first heart surgery. Namine may be able to come home at the end of this week; on the other hand, it may be a few weeks before coming home. We’ll let you know.

  • Anonymous

    I got to visit our sweetie on Tuesday, January 20. The physical therapist was there and was really happy with how Namine is doing. And she was back to being her usual smily, laughy self.

    It was the day of a historic presidential inauguration, but what made me happiest was the color of Namine’s poop! (You had to be there….)

    Lotsa love and prayers,
    Grandpa E.

  • the djukic fam

    congrats i hope she can come home soon thats wonderful

  • Anonymous

    Paul and Jess,
    I am so sorry to hear that all of this is happening. Jess how are you recovering from your c-section? I pray that Namine continues to heal. She is a precious baby, and miracle from our all Loving Savior.
    Jesus keep you all,
    -Ruth (old friend of Jess’s :))

  • Jennifer Schultz

    Hope all is well… Looking forward to an update on our little girl :)