Well, change of plans. Again. The doctors tell us that – for sure, now – Namine will be going for her heart surgery this Tuesday at 7:30 am. Jessica and I are none too happy about all the changes and about-faces that the hospital has done with Namine, but it looks like things are finally settling into a final schedule.

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  1. You don’t know me but I met Grandma E. at a baby shower on Sunday. She gave me this site. She has my contact information.

    My 14 month old grandson JD had a very tiny lower jaw too and had recent mandibular distraction surgery. He was born with a rare chromosome defect with resulting craniofacial abnormalities, a thick septum in his heart, and developmental delays. His skull bones were fused when he was born so he had surgery in June to correct it. His jaw surgery was at the end of October. Yesterday he had the jaw distractors removed, a laparoscopy to search for his missing testes, fixation of the testes, and a circumcision. He is doing well at home. Praise the Lord. With each hurdle JD has faced, God has blessed him and us with miracles and a deepened appreciation for the seemingly small things that we celebrate as triumphs. The day he was born, I decided that if JD could hear, see, and know we loved him I would be happy. I am happy to say that he has exceeded those hopes by a lot. He can pull himself up to stand already. He has not spoken yet but we will continue to try, try, try. I am glad that the experts didn’t know much about his condition. That kept our minds open to accepting every possibility. We love him dearly and admire his determination and loving spirit.

    Your sweet little Namine is a miracle. I love the origin of her name. She is such a beautiful little munchkin! From Grandma E’s description, she is also fiesty. That quality will always be to her credit. I am sorry about the confusion about her surgery–it is so disappointing. I am an OR nurse and understand how these unfortunate things happen.

    I truly believe that everything happens according to God’s plan. I have already added Namine to my prayers. My thoughts will be with you as you face the surgery on Tuesday. God bless you all.


    Michelle, you look familiar. I used to go to St. Luke’s in Kenosha. Did you?

  2. Kathy,
    My maiden name is Tarver. My mother is Charlene Tarver. I belonged to St. Lukes in Kenosha pretty much my whole life. But it isn’t Michelle. My name is Jessica. You can email me at jleiche@gmail.com if you like.

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