Getting the ball rolling

We made the call today to general surgery, in order to get things in motion for Namine to have her next two surgeries: g-tube removal and hernia repair.

Unfortunately, we have thus far been a little successful, only having spoken to a receptionist. We’re in no real rush, but we would like this scheduled as soon as possible. Wisconsin summer is short; we don’t want Namine stuck in the hospital when fall hits, that much is certain.

The general surgery receptionist Jessica spoke to over the phone knew nothing of Namine, of course, and she informed Jessica that, prior to scheduling the surgery, Namine would need to be seen by the doctor, so that she could ascertain what precisely would need to be done. Jessica said that she’s seen Namine a few times, actually, so that really isn’t necessary. Dr. Arca herself, who is the same doctor who would be performing the procedure, said to set up the schedule by calling the general surgery. Okay, roadblock, but we’ve dealt with worse. Anyway, the receptionist said that while Dr. Arca may have already seen Namine, but she wanted to talk to her before scheduling the surgery.

Dr. Arca’s office called us back later in the afternoon. She said she wanted to see Namine once more before scheduling surgery; we will be going in for that clinic appointment next Tuesday. After that, we should have a surgery date.

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  1. Good luck!

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