No Surgery Thursday

I went to the hospital today after work, and asked to talk to the cardiology department. (Let me catch you up here, in case you don’t know.)

They had said originally that Namine’s heart surgery needed to be as soon as possible, and they wanted to do it last Friday. But her heart surgeon was going to be away all weekend; he wanted to be around afterward in case anything went wrong, so they said they would do it this Thursday. But then someone else at the hospital told Jessica that they were only going to talk about her surgery on Thursday.

So I went to the hospital after work. Cardiology said (they didn’t bother actually coming to talk to me, they just told the nurse, who told me) that they are, for sure, only talking about her surgery on Thursday. So much for “she needs her heart surgery as soon as possible.”

Hopefully we’ll know more after tomorrow, when Jessica will have had a chance to talk not only to cardiology, but Namine’s cardiologists themselves.

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  1. Jennifer Schultz Avatar
    Jennifer Schultz

    Did you get any more information??? We are glued to the site.

    Jen, Jeremy & Jacob

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