Hello Everyone,
Namine is coming home on Monday, February 2nd. Great Grandpa has a great birthday present:) Namine is doing well. She has recovered surprisingly well after having this heart surgery. She is down to 30% oxygen not only on the vent but on her trac collar and doing fabulous. She is stating in the low to mid 80’s. They have her doing two 60 minute trials and they are bumping her up to 90 minutes tomorrow, and when she comes home we are going to work her up to more of her regular schedule of 5 hours collar, 2 hours vent, 5 hours collar and vent over night. The doc’s would like to see her back on her regular schedule of collar for 24 hours but that is something that we have to work up to.

On top of her heart surgery two weeks ago she has 4 teeth on the top that are trying to work their way through. She has two teeth on the bottom that have come through, how exciting, but let me tell you she bites hard. She is so cute.

Yesterday Namine needed an IV put in so that she could go for her MRI of her shoulder today and she is a hard stick. She got so upset last night that she decanulated herself. Decanulated means removal of trac. She was crying so hard and with the vent pulling it just came out. Paul and I worked quickly and got a different one back in. It was scary but Paul and I are an awesome team and work better than a well oiled machine.

Namine is doing great after her MRI and hopefully we will hear results tomorrow and then we will update you all when we find out.

We can’t thank you enough for all the prayers and support that you have given. We will continue to give updates over Namine’s obstacles. Keep praying we still have a long road ahead of us.
Love and God’s Blessings,
Jessica, Paul and Namine Eiche