Home On Monday!

Hello Everyone, Namine is coming home on Monday, February 2nd. Great Grandpa has a great birthday present:) Namine is doing well. She has recovered surprisingly well after having this heart surgery. She is down to 30% oxygen not only on the vent but on her trac collar and doing fabulous. She is stating in the […]

Forth to the fourth

Hey everybody. Namine has been moved up to the 4th floor. This seemed like a pretty sudden thing, since Jessica got to the PICU room yesterday and they said, “hey, we’re moving her upstairs!” But actually, the doctors tell us that recovery time after the glen procedure is a lot shorter than it was after […]

Almost all tubes out. Also, pink!

So Namine’s trach was put back in, making her a much happier baby. Her chest drainage tubes were also removed; her left and right arterial lines were removed, but the one in her arm is still in. They also made sure that her new G-tube is in correctly before they start feeding her. They may […]

Post Tube Addition

After they put an additional drainage tube in, Namine’s stats improved significantly. Her temperature is a little high, but that may just be an effect of having surgery (especially heart surgery). She was still quite sleepy while we were visiting her, although she did open her eyes a few times, only to decide we weren’t […]

Surgery Finally

Namine is going on Tuesday finally for her heart surgery that has been long awaited. She is the first case on Tuesday morning. Namine had a hematoma on her right arm that burst on Thursday night. It was full of green and yellow puss and bled quite a bit, so they have it dressed up. […]