I’m glad we got to play in the pool today, because I think the weather will not allow it again.

There’s a cold front moving in here, and the warm eighty-degree weather we enjoyed yesterday didn’t last. It was warm enough late this morning to go swimming one more time, so we got into our swimsuits and headed out.

When we walked over to the pool, however, we found it closed. And not only closed, but drained. We didn’t know if it was due to the impending weather — the storm predicted to strike this afternoon, if not sooner — or due to a scheduled cleaning. We didn’t recall seeing any notices posted about the pool being closed, and there was no sign hung at the pool, either. Only the drained pool and the yellow “warning” tape strung across the pool gate gave us an indication.

Not to be deterred, we decided to head over to the clubhouse, where there was another pool. There were a few, in fact; there was a regular pool, a kiddie pool, and a hot tub. Unfortunately, it was already overcast, and the day soon started to cool off. The water in the kiddie pool was not to our comfort, either.

The water in the regular pool was a little warmer, so I took Namine in there. There was no gradual starting-from-zero-feet entry like at our condo’s pool, unfortunately, but there was a ledge that Namine could still stand on. Since standing on her own (though still using me for balance) was what she was looking forward to the most, I was happy to oblige her.

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