• Teaching herself to swim

    Teaching herself to swim

    Namine taught herself to swim at Disney World.

  • Busy weekend

    Busy weekend

    We attended a wedding, then while Jessica and I worked at Irish Fest, Namine went swimming with her grandpa.

  • A day of picnics

    A day of picnics

    We had two picnics to attend today: one for the Herma Heart Center, and the other for the Variety Club.

  • Swimming with water wings

    Swimming with water wings

    Tonight was the second time ever that Namine has swam with water wings by herself.

  • Make A Wish: staying in

    Make A Wish: staying in

    This morning Namine got autographs from several Disney characters.

  • Swimming


    While we were in Indiana for Jessica’s cousin’s wedding, we got a chance to go swimming in our hotel’s pool.

  • Fun in the… well, not sun

    Fun in the… well, not sun

    I’m glad we got to play in the pool today, because I think the weather will not allow it again.

  • From vacation to decannulation

    It’s always hard to get back into the swing of the daily routine after a vacation, even a small one like a 3-day weekend. (Of course, the nature of Namine’s condition and medication needs still require a semblance of routine, even on vacation. But it was still nice to relax and to be able to do things at our own pace.) Especially when you have to get up early the next morning for an early clinic visit. But this one is well worth the lost sleep: a trach/vent clinic, but not just any – today we start down the road for Namine’s decannulation.