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Growing girl

When Jessica and I were collecting pictures for our talk at Marquette, we had the opportunity to compare a picture of Namine standing in the bathroom with pretty much the same thing from back in 2014.

Standing up

It’s not the first time Namine has stood up. She’s stood up with her walkers, she’s stood up using other objects. But it was the first time she’s been able to look out the window on her own.

Throwback Thursday

I guess I just missed throwback Thursday, but that’s okay. With all of Namine’s progress in her walker lately, I wanted to show you how far she’s come.

Amazing from the ordinary

Jessica, Namine and I went to a running store yesterday. Jessica needed a pair of shoes with good arch support, physical therapist’s orders. And the shoes with the best arch support are running (or sports in general) shoes. My dad came along to give advice on which kind would be best. I wasn’t needed; only my wallet was. Running shoes are ‘spensive, I tell ya. But I digress. I was sitting on one of the chairs holding Namine, when she said “More!”

Namine has her new AFOs

In all the excitement about getting an MRI in preparation for getting her hernias fixed and g-tube removed, I completely forgot to post about Namine’s AFOs. The doctor said they would be ready sometime after Christmas, but I honestly didn’t expect them to be ready this soon. Nonetheless, Jess, my mom, my sister and Namine went to the orthotic clinic today to pick up the new AFOs.