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Namine had speech and physical therapy today. She has her good days and bad days, as anyone does, and today was a particularly good day.

Today was perhaps the first day since getting the palatal lift prosthetic that Namine didn’t wear it in speech. This is particularly impressive because for the first time, her therapist has recognized that she speaks better with it out than in. Finally, a professional who agrees with us. (We’re only her parents, so what do we know, right?)

So let me back up a bit and elucidate the situation a bit. Namine first got the prosthetic as the better of two options in order to improve her speech. The alternative, according to the speech pathologist who examined her? Surgically extending her palate. Yeah, no thanks.

Since first getting the prosthetic at the end of October, Namine has done well getting used to speaking with it in. She has gotten better at closing off her consonants; even her S sounds, which will likely always prove difficult for her, have improved in clarity. But most interesting of all is that while the prosthetic has taught her the right sounds to make – and how to make them – she speaks more clearly without it.

Jessica and I have discussed among ourselves that Namine speaks more clearly without the prosthetic. It is validating, then, to have Namine’s speech therapist voice the same opinion, and without prompting from us. It will be interesting to find out what the speech pathologist says, when next we see him.

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  1. It is so frustrating when the “experts” don’t trust or validate the parents information. As parents we are with our children all day, every day, not just for a short visit every few months. I’m glad to hear your observations are being validated.

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