I was supposed to write about a sleepover with Namine from a couple of weeks ago but then college got in the way. What are you gonna do? But, anyway, I was lucky enough to be home this weekend and got another sleepover to write about!

Mom, Dad, and I met Paul, Jess, and Namine at Southridge because we wanted to take Namine to see the sing-along version of Frozen, since she’d already seen it and she loves to sing. It just so happened that Paul and Jess wanted to see I, Frankenstein that night, so we got to keep Namine all evening. After Paul and Jess left we all walked around the mall for a little bit. Of course, we had to stop in the Disney store since both Namine and I love Disney so much. Namine impressed me with her knowledge of the Princesses: she knew all of them except Jasmine and Mulan (she hasn’t seen those movies yet) and I was surprised that she knew Snow White, considering that she hasn’t seen that movie either [Paul again: yes she has. :p]. But, while we were walking around the store, we saw some crowns. After we left, Namine commented that she wanted to be a princess at the movie. Mom had some gift cards for Claire’s so I went and got her a rainbow tiara to wear at the movie.

At the movie theater, we found out that the only sing-along showings of Frozen are in the morning, but we went to go see it anyway. Namine was ready to use her allowance money to buy treats, but Grandma Eiche told her she didn’t have to. Namine loved the movie just as much as she did the first time. She even danced through all of the credits. When we got into bed, I slept on the floor next to her until she fell asleep.

In the morning, Namine woke up and called for Grandpa Eiche. I went and got her and brought her into my bed for a little bit. I keep more stuffed animals on my bed than a 21 year old should, but that suits Namine just fine. She played with a stuffed puppy I have and baby Cinderella. When her puppy told her that it had had a bad dream, she cuddled it to her chest and told it, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.”

We then went to church. Namine danced to the opening songs and sang along with the one she knew. In the middle of the song, I saw her look up at the ceiling, blow a kiss, and whisper, “I love you, God.” When I’m with her, I really understand why Jesus commanded us to have faith like that of a child.

After church we had lunch at Olive Garden with Paul, Jess, Grandma, and Grandpa to celebrate my Mom’s and Grandpa’s birthdays. But I’m sure Paul will write about that. It was really great to see my family and have so much time with them. That will give me the motivation I need for class this week.


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