Incision complications

Namine has been here in the hospital since Monday, and we still don’t have an idea of when she’ll be able to go home. Despite having a CT scan, the doctors can’t explain why the incision in her chest is opening up again.

On Monday, when we brought her into the cardiology clinic, the opening in Namine’s incision was an oval shape. It is now much more of a circular shape, and it looks deep. Doctors assure us that it really isn’t, that the CT scan would have revealed if it went deeper than a superficial wound.

Speaking of the CT scan, the results indicate that the incision is not infected. Rather, what they believe happened is that Namine’s body is rejecting some of the sutures. There are several layers that are sewn up after open heart surgery: first the muscle, then the fat, then the skin. The layer of fat – nothing so deep as the muscle – seems to be rejecting the sutures, resulting in the pus we saw escaping through the incision opening.

The concern now is what can be done. If the incision continues to open itself up, as it has done progressively for the past couple days, the only solution might be to take her back to the operating room, open up the incision, and reclose it. We’re hoping it doesn’t come to that, but it’s looking every day like that might end up being the solution.

Despite all that, Namine is in good spirits. She’s been happily stringing beads (and with a boarded-up hand with an IV, no less), coloring, watching TV, playing games on the Nook, and cheerily greeting anyone who comes within earshot of her. She’s the bright ray of sunshine in this dreary hospital.

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