heart surgery

  • Cardiology appointment

    Cardiology appointment

    Nearly a year after completing the Fontan, Namine’s doctor cut back her medication as a response to her healthy heart.

  • Heart surgery

    Heart surgery

    Jessica, Namine, and I went to the hospital yesterday morning because Jessica’s mom Charlene was having heart surgery. We weren’t sure what precisely was being done — from what I understood, it wasn’t even clear yet to Charlene, either — but at the very least, the wiring in her pacemaker/defibrillator was being replaced. I am […]

  • Celebrating a healthy heart

    Celebrating a healthy heart

    Six months after completing the Fontan, Namine’s heart is doing phenomenally well.

  • 2013 in review

    2013 in review

    Kids, this has been one crazy year. I can assure you, never did we think at the start of it that Namine would have endured half the stuff she has, to say nothing of getting a prosthetic and having heart surgery.

  • Therapy and tachycardia

    Therapy and tachycardia

    I’ve seen all the videos Jessica has taken of Namine at physical therapy, of course. But I’ve only rarely attended Namine’s therapy sessions, because they are during the week when I’m at work. I took the day off today, though, to help Jessica and Namine through a day of appointments, so I had the opportunity […]

  • MRSA, MRSA, go away

    MRSA, MRSA, go away

    Come again, some other… never. Yeah, let’s go with never. Namine’s pediatrician called us; the culture they took last week on her MRSA infection – or what was left of it – came back negative. This is great news, a step toward getting her taken off contact isolation status.

  • First day back since the Fontan

    It wasn’t Namine’s first time back to therapy since her most recent heart surgery, of course. But it was her first time walking. Not just doing more at home, climbing on things – although no one was more thrilled than her when she got the green light to climb again – but really, truly working […]

  • School is in

    School is in

    Namine is feeling much, much better today. Heck, that much is evident by her appetite alone. She was feeling well enough for the first time in quite a while to do some schoolwork.

  • Cardiology and the PICC line

    On Friday we went to see Namine’s cardiologist. On the agenda was the checkup and possible removal of the sutures in her chest incision, about which Namine was none too thrilled. Namine is often afraid of doctors and nurses on principle. But she’s often shown that when it gets down to the moment, she sheds […]

  • Constant vigilance!

    Constant vigilance!

    But seriously, a huuuge thank-you to everybody keeping Namine in your prayers. We’re here in the surgery waiting area, and a nurse just informed us that they’re getting started now. I’ll update as things progress.

  • Namine’s prayer

    Namine’s prayer

    Dear Jesus, please help my chest heal so I can feel better and come home. They’re coming to take Namine back soon. Please keep her in your prayers.

  • The coming storm

    The coming storm

    It is as we feared: the cardiovascular surgical team is concerned for Namine’s chest incision, and they will be taking Namine to the OR in order to open it back up.