Weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

Jon and I were privileged to have Namine stay with us for two weekends!

The first weekend was Easter. We had a lovely lunch with Paul, Jessica, Namine, Lydia, and Ron. We also had Ron’s parents and his sister (also Jessica!) and her new husband. It was a wonderful, casual day with good food, laughs, and conversation. Not to mention the antics of our cats and Jessie’s dog!

The next weekend was packed full! Friday was such a beautiful day, sunny and nearly 80 degrees, we took to the Zoo. We went everywhere and got to see so many animals. We especially enjoyed the lions, elephants, giraffes, and the leopard. We laughed at the bear, who was hanging out in his pond! We envied his swimming pool!

On Saturday we did our usual errands and then went to a beautiful park to play Pokémon Go! Jon and Namine made it all the way around the park and we got to the car just as the rain (and Auntie Lydia!) arrived. We played Pokémon a while in the safety of the car then headed home.

The next day Namine was in a fashion show called “This Is How We Roll.” The show raises money for research on spinal cord injuries.

We got there at the predetermined time for Namine’s hair and makeup appointments. The hair stylist was so nice and loved Namine’s curls! She did a beautiful job taming those curls and putting on the gorgeous headband that Namine had picked out. Then came the makeup. Pretty blue eye shadow and sparkles on the cheeks! Namine decided to wear her glasses instead of the sunglasses she had chosen, so everyone could see her makeup!

Then it was time to roll! Namine was a pro on that runway, even ending with a wheelie!

We met up with Paul and Jessica and their friends at the fashion show. Afterwards we went to dinner and celebrated Paul and Jessica’s anniversary.

Namine came home with us for one more night. One thing I wished I could have photographed was Namine asleep in her bed with our cat, BunBun, asleep in Namine’s wheelchair. It was so sweet.

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