Namine spent the weekend with my parents, after which we all celebrated Easter together.

It’s pretty typical for us to have to divide our time between our two sides of the family, but Jessica’s side didn’t have a get-together planned this year. While we were sad that we wouldn’t see anyone, that freed us up to spend a little more time with my side — even with us having to leave my mom’s house early enough to get home at a decent hour.

My parents’ Easter is usually a pot luck sort of deal, with different people bringing different things to eat. Jessica and I volunteered to bring a veggie tray, but we decided on a whim to also bring a lamb cake. (We didn’t make it ourselves; we saw it in a bake shop and had to get it.)

After we had eaten, Namine was presented with an Easter basket. There was a good assortment of toys and candy in there!

When we got home, we told Namine that there was another basket waiting for her, somewhere in the house. She had to go find it. Jessica helped her find it by saying “hot” or “cold” when she got closer or farther away, respectively.

It’s funny that we and my parents both got Namine a plush Grogu. ‘Tis the season, I suppose.

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