Weekend at Grandma & Grandpa’s!

The Friday after Thanksgiving Namine got to have dinner with us and spend the night. That was the start of a whole weekend here at grandma & grandpa’s! The added bonus was Auntie Lydia was home from grad school those days so Namine got lots of play time & Aunt Lydia cuddles.

Father’s Day weekend

Father’s Day weekend Jon and I had the great pleasure of having Namine spend the day and night with us. We mostly stayed around the house, playing outside. She loves playing in her playhouse “cooking” us dinner, drawing with chalk, scooting up and down the ramp, and, of course, swinging! That girl could swing for HOURS! I actually make her take breaks so she doesn’t get motion sick, although she never has! “Higher, Grandpa, higher” or “Faster, Grandpa, faster” Is all we hear! We got her a little sand box and she loved playing in that too!

An Afternoon at Grandma’s

This is Namine’s grandma, Michele Eiche. We got to spend the afternoon at my house because I wanted to get a little work done around my house! It didn’t happen! Namine is just too much fun to be with to waste time with laundry & dishes (they mostly got done tonight).