I (Grandma Michele) had the privilege of taking care of Namine Tuesday morning. I teach a ladies’ Bible class on Tuesday mornings, and she joined me; she probably did more teaching than I did. She sat on the table with a pencil and paper while I took prayer requests. I told the ladies, “We’ll begin with prayer,” and Namine looked at me.

I said, “Yes, Namine, we’re going to pray,” and she immediately folded her hands and bowed her head. When the prayer was over and we all said “Amen,” she joined us by signing “Amen” and saying “Mem-mem,” very seriously. Some of the ladies told me that they peeked during prayer and saw Namine, head bowed, hands folded, and they couldn’t get over how a two-year-old could sit so still during prayer.

So as we continued our Bible class, she sat, drawing on her paper. And the ladies began reading passages out of the Bible. We got to the Luke 11 passage where Jesus teaches His disciples to pray. One lady read, “And Jesus said, ‘When you pray, pray like this: “Our Father…”’” Immediately, when Namine heard those words “Our Father,” she clasped her hands and bowed her head in prayer.

Now, I’m dealing with a broken wrist. It pains me, it’s bothersome, I can’t do some of the things I like to do, and I can’t even brush my hair. But I look at Namine, who’s just gotten out of two leg casts, and her cheerfulness and tenacity humble me. How can I complain, being in a splint for seven weeks, when she deals with casts and splints every day, and she’s only two years old.

Our heavenly Father has given Namine that gentle spirit that doesn’t let anything get her down. And I am in awe of her.


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