Father’s Day weekend Jon and I had the great pleasure of having Namine spend the day and night with us. We mostly stayed around the house, playing outside. She loves playing in her playhouse “cooking” us dinner, drawing with chalk, scooting up and down the ramp, and, of course, swinging! That girl could swing for HOURS! I actually make her take breaks so she doesn’t get motion sick, although she never has! “Higher, Grandpa, higher” or “Faster, Grandpa, faster” Is all we hear! We got her a little sand box and she loved playing in that too!

That night, after several books it was finally bedtime so we sang songs and it was time for prayers so we called mommy and haha so they could pray with us. Then smart Namine asks me to turn on the computer to her favorite song “Swing Life Away!” Her dad knows the song by heart but I don’t know the whole thing yet (I’m getting there, though!). She knows that I have to find it on the computer!

The next morning we had some friends over after church to practice a song we were singing in church so we asked Namine to please play quietly while we practiced. She played with her Duplo blocks (She just might be an engineer like great-grandpa!) She was also coloring and drawing. She definitely takes after her father in that area! Wow! Paul always astounded me the way he could draw at such a young age and Namine has the same attention to detail that he did (and still does!). One of our friends asked Namine what she was doing and Namine replied, “I am drawing a rainbow unicorn” in her very exact pronunciation (her speech therapist would be proud!). We looked at Namine’s paper and, yes that is exactly what she was drawing! But besides that picture, were the words themselves. “Rainbow” that N-B combination is pretty hard to do when you’re tongue tied, which Namine is. U-NI-CORN a three syllable word, hard for many pre-schoolers. Namine nailed it. Jon always says that doctors tend to only see things through their specialty. This is certainly true of Namine’s speech pathologist. I realize we are her family but we understand her just fine. Our friends understood her just fine that Sunday morning. Every once in awhile when she’s really excited we have to ask her to slow down. Don’t most people have to that with children? Her speech just keeps getting better and better.

We ended that lovely weekend with a cookout with the whole family (minus Lydia who was singing in Italy – although we did get to Facetime with her – ah, technology!) Namine entertained us all with her stories, her plans of getting a tattoo (cutie mark) like her favorite toys (My Little Ponies – THANKS Hasbro!) and, of course, more swinging! She had daddy, Uncle Peter, and Great-Grandpa to push her on Sunday! I didn’t think she’d ever get off!