Variety Birthday Bash

Namine volunteered at the Variety charity’s birthday celebration.

Variety, the children’s charity of Wisconsin, is celebrating its 88th birthday this year. The celebration was intended to be in March, but sometimes life gets in the way of best laid plans. No matter; they were finally able to organize it and we were able to attend.

Namine has volunteered in a number of events. She had a number of community service hours to fulfill for school, but those have been satisfied for some time now. School requirements or not, Namine is always ready to give back to communities that have given her so much. Such was the case with Variety’s birthday celebration.

When we arrived, the three of us were placed at the “crown” station — the group of tables with paper birthday crowns for decorating and wearing. All three of us helped people make their own crowns, but Namine also had the privilege of making crowns for two other volunteers. After the excitement had calmed down a little, I also made a crown for Jessica.

When people started to leave, the other stations saw less activity as well. Namine took the opportunity to decorate a couple cookies for herself and Jessica.

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