Singing in the Plymouth Chorale

Namine sang with a local (a term I use loosely) choir.

You need a little backstory for this one. My sister Lydia is a soprano for hire. Back in February, a director who had hired her for a chorale performance this month contacted us (at Lydia’s prompting, I assume) to see if Namine would like to participate. Namine said yes.

I mentioned that I use the term “local” loosely — that’s because the chorale’s two performances were in Milwaukee. Our trips to Children’s Hospital (also in Milwaukee) take us about an hour; the chorale locations, however, were farther, requiring an hour and a half in one direction.

Saint John’s on the Lake

The first of two performances by the Plymouth Chorale was at a senior living community on Wednesday. There was no public admission at this one; rather, it was for the benefit of the residents living there. In nearly all aspects, the performance was identical to the one the Chorale performed on Sunday.

Plymouth Church

The second performance was at the chorale’s own church. The concert itself was much the same, except that the bell choir was able to join in for the introduction, whereas they didn’t at Saint John’s.

Namine had a great time participating in the choir. While she has a lot of involvement with different activities and organizations both inside and outside of school, organized music is something she hasn’t had in a while. She’s taking piano, of course, and she is participating in the recitals there as well. But Namine has not had the opportunity to be in a choir since she attended the homeschool co-op, Bright Rising. She was glad to be able to do it again and she enjoyed it immensely.

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  1. It was an absolutely delight to have Namine AND Lydia join us for this concert! And no, Lydia didn’t prompt me. :) I thought of Namine as soon as I realized I wanted a children’s choir to join us and knew that Lydia would be our soloist. Lydia loved the idea and gave me your contact info. I truly hope that I have many more opportunities to work to Namine and the rest of the talented Eiche family!

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