·  Normal is a dryer setting.


Microphone stand

For Christmas, Namine received a little microphone and stand. The stand was perfect for us to use in a little homemade physical therapy.

The Spirit moves the heart

Namine is getting more and more into participating in church, and that makes me happy. Paying attention to a half-hour sermon is iffy at best, but that’s also true of most adults, so I’m not really worried about that. But Namine loves to sing, and hymns are a great way to drive children’s participation.

Namine’s singing

Listening to Namine sing along to different versions of Let It Go. She imitates multiple vocal styles, depending on the artist. <3

Singing her heart out

Last night as Jessica and I were making breakfast for dinner, Namine picked up a broom — which conveniently doubles as a guitar — and sang her heart out.

After therapy

On the way home from therapy, Namine called me on Jessica’s phone and sang Let It Go to me. Yes, the whole song. <3

Namine’s Frozen medley

I learned two things today. First, if I have enough aluminum cans to fill my car, it can get us enough money to go see a movie. Second, I haven’t had a song stuck in my head like this since I saw Aladdin when I was twelve.