• Flashback Friday: Namine’s “broken things” song

    Flashback Friday: Namine’s “broken things” song

    A few years ago, Namine made up a song and sang it for us.

  • Microphone stand

    Microphone stand

    For Christmas, Namine received a little microphone and stand. The stand was perfect for us to use in a little homemade physical therapy.

  • In loving memory

    In loving memory

    Today is my father-in-law’s birthday, may he rest in peace. We celebrated by making an applesauce cake.

  • Training a child

    Training a child

    We were in the car on Sunday, headed to the grocery store. “Daddy,” Namine said, “can you play the crystal Jesus song?”

  • Playing Rock Band

    Playing Rock Band

    The other day I got a text from my mom: “Saw this at a rummage, $25. Interested?”

  • The Spirit moves the heart

    The Spirit moves the heart

    Namine is getting more and more into participating in church, and that makes me happy. Paying attention to a half-hour sermon is iffy at best, but that’s also true of most adults, so I’m not really worried about that. But Namine loves to sing, and hymns are a great way to drive children’s participation.

  • Namine’s singing

    Namine’s singing

    Listening to Namine sing along to different versions of Let It Go. She imitates multiple vocal styles, depending on the artist. <3

  • Singing her heart out

    Singing her heart out

    Last night as Jessica and I were making breakfast for dinner, Namine picked up a broom — which conveniently doubles as a guitar — and sang her heart out.

  • After therapy

    After therapy

    On the way home from therapy, Namine called me on Jessica’s phone and sang Let It Go to me. Yes, the whole song. <3

  • Namine’s Frozen medley

    Namine’s Frozen medley

    I learned two things today. First, if I have enough aluminum cans to fill my car, it can get us enough money to go see a movie. Second, I haven’t had a song stuck in my head like this since I saw Aladdin when I was twelve.

  • The shark bites

    My dad sang this song to me when I was a boy. Just passing it along.

  • Open letter to Rise Against

    Tim McIlrath and Neil Hennessy, I want to thank you for the song “Swing Life Away.” It has been an anthem of sorts for both me and my daughter, Namine. She was born with several birth defects, some so severe that doctors informed us, prior to her birth, that she would probably not survive long enough to go home.