Birthday on the road

Today Namine turned eight years old. We can hardly believe it! There was little celebration today, because we were still on the road to my parents’ condo in Florida. But we still celebrated this morning with hotel waffles, and this evening at dinner.

We had asked Namine what she would like for dinner on her birthday, to which she replied, “Steak!” So steak it was. We ended up stopping for the night in Tallahassee (we finally made it to Florida, but we still have another day’s drive to the condo itself), so we found a steak place, one LongHorn Steakhouse by name. True to her word, Namine ordered for herself (very articulately, I might add) one steak, medium well please.

When we were nearly done eating, a group sitting at the table next to us asked if we were celebrating a birthday. Namine piped up, “I’m turning eight today!” The lady at the other table, who was celebrating her own birthday, offered Namine a piece of her cookie cake. With our permission, she was happy to accept. Soon after, she thanked the lady, informing her that she was in “cookie heaven.”

Restaurant staff soon brought out Namine’s own dessert, ensuring Namine’s sugar high. That’s okay by us, though. If you can’t get spoiled on your birthday, when can you?

After Namine finished her dessert (well, desserts), my parents gave her the presents they’d gotten her. Namine did not ask for anything for her birthday — she wants instead to host a present drive for Children’s Hospital — but, as my mom said to me, what grandparent can resist getting their grandchild presents for their birthday?

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