Trunk or treat

We went to a trunk or treat here in town.

A “trunk or treat,” for the uninitiated, is where organizations gather to provide a safe space for children to trick or treat. One such event was held at the city’s fire and rescue station, attended by a number of local businesses. (The child care where Jessica works had a table, with appropriately costumed employees dressed as babies.) Namine collected not only candy, but also stickers and small toys at the tables. We saw some pretty great costumes, too!

As we left the trunk or treat, we asked a few people if they knew what was going on down the street. No one could give us a definitive answer, aside from “looks like a lot.” We found out — a little late — that there was a “casket race” earlier in the day. Our curiosity piqued, we headed down the street.

Downtown, as the song says, things were indeed great. The caskets that had been raced were on display for all to see. Their race was over, but the hard work put into their appearances was still evident. I have to say that my favorite was the pirate ship, but they were all fantastic.

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