Stein’s trick or treat

Namine went as piggy at Variety’s trick or treat event.

It is, by this point, a yearly tradition for us to join the Variety children’s charity in their trick or treat event at Stein’s Garden and Home. Namine’s interests in Halloween range from adorable to horrific (being a fan of both the original Scooby Doo and John Carpenter’s The Thing), and it’s not the first year in which she’s expressed enthusiasm for dressing as a zombie. She is, however, sensitive to others; and in keeping others in mind, she’s always concerned with upsetting other children with her own costume. Consequently, she settled on dressing as a cute piggy.

It is also a tradition for the Racine Zoo to make an appearance at Stein’s. As in years past, Jewel the box turtle and Lenny the chinchilla were brought out and talked about by the zookeeper. (As a fun aside: the zookeeper actually remembered Namine from previous years.)

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