FrankenStein’s trick or treat

We went to Stein’s for Variety’s annual trick or treat event.

In anticipation of our typical Wisconsin autumn weather, we opted for a warmer Halloween costume for Namine. We should have expected, then, that the day would be warmer than predicted. Although, glass half full, she was nice and warm the entire time. (That hasn’t always been the case, unfortunately.) Namine had her pick of a few different costumes; she chose to go as a chicken.

This year, Variety had set up a few different experiences: there was a haunted house maze, inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion and populated with plenty of people handing out candy and toys. At the very end of it, Namine received some pumpkin seeds and also got to pick out a pumpkin.

Once we were through the haunted maze, we headed inside Stein’s where some people from the Racine Zoo had brought a fox snake and some animal skins. Namine listened intently and asked some questions, always eager to learn more about animals.

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