Fall Fest Dance

Namine attended her first school dance!

Namine is no stranger to dance, but her usual fare is the adaptive ballet class with the Milwaukee Ballet. She has never attended a school dance before, and was quite excited to do so. It was called Fall Fest, and actually involved more than just the dance.

Rural Virtual Academy, the school Namine attends virtually, organizes events for students to attend in person from time to time. Since their students hail from all over the state, it’s impossible to host an event that doesn’t involve a fair bit of driving. We, by way of example, drove two and a half hours to get there. But for a child who treasures experiences more than material stuff, it was more than worth it.

As for the dance itself, dancing was just a part of the itinerary. Because the RVA is a virtual school, many of the students don’t see one another on a day to day basis. Some have never even seen each other. The solution to that, of course, is a meet and greet, followed by group activities. Following that, they had a pizza party, and then the dancing commenced. (Although I do question the wisdom of stuffing children with pizza and then making them dance. But I digress.)

Namine had a wonderful time. It may have been a long drive there and back, but it was well worth the time for the experience she had. She’s already looking forward to the next one!

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