A warmer evening baseball

It was another great evening for baseball, and a warmer one than last week.

When we attended baseball last week, we underestimated just how cold it was going to be. As a result, we only brought a light sweatshirt and Namine was so cold that we ended up leaving halfway through the game. We didn’t make that mistake this week: we brought a no-nonsense winter coat for her. And wouldn’t you know it, it was even warmer this week too. Oh well; better to be prepared, right?

We didn’t see Namine’s Buddy from last week at this week’s game. Namine never minds having a different Buddy from week to week. She’s always happy to meet new people and make new friends.

Because the Buddies change from week to week, and because there are so many kids with so many preferences, Namine always has to reiterate that she doesn’t want a tee when she goes up to bat. The fourteen year old is very proud of her independence!

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