China Lights

We spent the evening with friends seeing the China Lights exhibits.

Some friends invited us to go to China Lights with them. Having never gone before, but always up for seeing something new, we agreed. For the uninitiated, I’ll quote their website here.

China Lights is an event that celebrates the art, skill, and beauty of traditional Chinese lantern festivals that have been celebrated across Asia for the last 400 years. This has been accomplished through an almost two-month long building process where about 40 exhibits, made of more than 1,000 components, are welded together, covered with colored fabric, and then hand painted. These displays are then illuminated with LED lighting to complete the amazing visual experience.

China Lights FAQ

Just inside the entrance, there were what appeared to us to be more traditional Chinese exhibits. There were pandas (which I incorrectly thought were not bears, but yes, they really are), dragons, and even a nine-tailed fox. There were also large flowers and butterflies, all illuminated — but it was not yet dark, so the lights were not clearly visible.

A little further in, the traditional Asian exhibit designs gave way to Alice in Wonderland. We went down the rabbit hole and saw Alice’s journeys firsthand. As the sun set, the lights became more evident.

Once we came out the other side of all the Alice exhibits, the sun had long set and it was quite dark. There were still a few exhibits yet to see, like wings which one could stand or sit in front of, and a giant peacock.

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