Ballet Beat

Namine and her dance instructor wrote the choreography for a new dance at the Milwaukee Ballet’s annual summer program.

Back in April, the Glissade class of adaptive ballet — Namine’s class — was invited to perform in Ballet Beat, the Milwaukee Ballet’s annual, free outdoor performance. Namine was given the opportunity to choreograph her very own dance. She and her classmates met over a course of three weeks, having practiced over ten hours to memorize the dance, which was co-choreographed with the class instructor.

Namine titled her dance The Blooming Flower; she designed it around the idea of a flower awakening to rain and sun. She and her classmates, dressed in costumes designed especially for this dance, were the blooming flowers; two company dancers from the Milwaukee Ballet also performed with the girls, one being the rainfall and one the sunshine.

The first performance on Wednesday, July 27
The second performance on Saturday, July 30

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