Namine wanted to have breadsticks with dinner, so she found a recipe for us to make.

All three of us try to participate in meal planning. We try to avoid repetition, as much as it is possible. (It does help in grocery shopping, to have a concrete plan, even if we don’t stick to it completely.) In preparing for this week’s meals, Namine said she wanted to make breadsticks. We said that was fine; find a recipe and we’ll try it out.

Jessica has a stand mixer, so we made the dough. Namine helps with mixing the ingredients, but her folding table — at which she sits when she helps with meal prep — is too wobbly for the mixer. (It was shaking the entire table!) Once the dough was made, however, I cut it into strips for Namine to season with butter and garlic.

I don’t think the breadsticks were supposed to be that big. That’s my fault for cutting them so thick, but no one complained. ?

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