Namine is eating so much now that her palate is fixed, it’s not even funny. When I got home from work last night, she still had therapy going. The therapist told me she ate so much stuff (of course I don’t remember everything) and then for dinner, she ate even more. She likes puffcorn (like popcorn, only soft and fluffy, I don’t know) the best. Even after she said she was all done eating, she still kept on munching on puffcorns.

Okay, story time, kids. We were in the mall sometime last week. (Was it two weeks ago? I don’t remember exactly.) We got some pizza, breadsticks and spaghetti from Rocky Rococo. We also got some alfredo sauce and used it for dipping the breadsticks. After giving Namine some spaghetti which was okay but not great, we gave her some breadsticks and had her dip it in a little of the alfredo. After finishing her breadstick, we offered her another. She shook her head and pointed to the dipping sauce. We moved it closer to her, and she stuck her hand in it and licked it off her fingers.

Wait a minute. Alfredo sauce? I thought she was allergic to dairy! Weeeell, maybe not. It seems that she does fine now that we’re not trying to force a g-tube feed and food by mouth. The main trouble now is keeping her from cramming so much food in that she can’t chew properly.

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