We made it up here to Aunt CR’s house without incident, despite idiot drivers. (A pox on you, semi drivers. May your children have webbed feet!) It was crazy windy, though. Madness! But I digress. We had a wonderful evening here, with wonderful homemade potato soup and breadsticks. Namine ate two breadsticks, plus one of mine, and a whole bowl of soup. Then a Dora popsicle. Then a Vitamin Water. She’s asleep now, thank goodness. She certainly made it clear that she wanted none of that when I put her to bed.

I took a short video of Namine tooling around CR’s house in her wheelchair. Enjoy.


  1. The video is too cool! I’m especially impressed that she understands turning both to the right and to the left. (I’m certain I’d be able to turn in one direction only, if at all.) As far as the crazy drivers on the way up, I’m reminded of the words of the proud mother commenting on the military parade: “They’re all out of step except my son.”


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