On Sunday we came up to Aunt CR’s house to celebrate the fourth of July and just have some fun. Namine and I stayed while Paul had to leave Tuesday night to get back to work on Wednesday.

CR always has snacks for us to munch, whether she makes them or buys them. She knows that Paul loves plain M&M’s. She bought plain and pretzel, and mixed them.You can tell which are which, because the pretzel filled ones are big round ones while the plain are little circles.

Paul won’t eat them mixed up. So this is where the surgery comes into play.

CR put the M&M’s on a tray and we got ready for surgery. Namine prepared herself for surgery by putting on a mask, a hat and gloves. We didn’t want to get germs on them. She began surgery.

She separated the pretzel from the plain. We only lost one. It took a flying leap from the tray to the table, so Namine ate it.

Now that they are all separated and in two different containers, Paul can eat to his heart’s content. At least until they are gone!

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