A day of baking

Did you know they have french toast-flavored bagels? I do not recommend actually making french toast with bagels. Just saying.

Yesterday morning, we made french toast. Namine absolutely loves to help us make food, so she needed no prompting to climb into her chair at the dining room table. Jessica and I got all the ingredients down from the cupboards and brought them to the table. I do believe this was Namine’s first time cracking eggs by herself.

The first egg was a casualty, lost forever to the carpet gods. Namine was more careful after that. Once the custard was all ready to be mixed, however, Namine lost herself in her enthusiasm, spattering Jessica. It’s all in good fun.

Namine and I put cinnamon bread in the custard, while Jessica took the soaked ones out and put them onto the pan. Sometimes Namine gets all “ew ew ew” when it comes to touching liquidy things with her hands, but she was pretty okay with putting the bread in the custard. She let me handle turning them over, though.

We initially had two loaves of cinnamon bread with which we were going to make french toast, but one of the loaves didn’t survive the defrosting process, so it was crumbly and pretty much useless. We didn’t want the custard to go to waste, so we used some plain bagels instead.

As it turns out, french toasted bagels taste pretty nasty. Learn from our mistake, kids. Don’t try this at home.

We also had some fun just playing around with the bagels. If this was wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

Namine supervised as we finished cooking the french toast and sausage.

A bit later in the day, we opened up the Easy Bake Oven that Namine had gotten from my parents for her birthday. All told, it took over a half hour to make these tiny little cookies. Namine had fun, but both Jessica and I agree that we’d rather just make real cookies. The real meat of the work — mixing the dough and putting it on the pan — is something that we let Namine do pretty much by herself anyway. Nevertheless, I’m glad Namine enjoyed herself.

That evening, we had my grandparents over for supper. They were delicious.

Relax, I’m kidding. We (by which I mean mostly Jessica) made pork roast, Brussels sprouts, and couscous. We renamed couscous “noodle balls.” After dinner, we went into the living room, where Namine read her great grandparents a Brave book — all by herself.

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