Tennis in the rain

The first tennis clinic happened in the midst of some less than pleasant weather.

Namine (and us, too, let’s be honest) was excited for the start of the new tennis season with WASA. We were disappointed, then, to find that the weather conspired against us. It was raining pretty hard by the time tennis practice was supposed to start.

Not being one to deny anyone practice time, Coach Jackie declared that practice would go on — albeit under the bleachers. There would be less room, but a good time could still be had. And it was!

Putting some power behind her hits was never a problem for Namine. Being in tighter quarters, though, she had to adjust her hits so she wasn’t pelting her teammates.

The rain did not last for very long. At the very least, it stopped raining quite so hard. As it slowed to a drizzle, Coach led everyone out into the courts. The ground was still wet, but that was not much of a deterrent. (The worst of it was how the balls would soak up some of the water.)

Namine was happy to be able to belt them out. She practiced one on one with Coach Jackie, then doubles, and then one on one some more with Coach Brian. Despite the rough start, it was an excellent start to the season.

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