Foiled again

Namine’s cough had a resurgence, causing us to miss baseball again.

Wednesdays are pretty hectic. Namine has physical therapy, and from there we head to baseball. At least, that would be the plan, all things being equal. Last week, the baseball game was canceled due to the hot weather. Things seem to be cooling down a little, so baseball was back on for this week. And now that Namine is all but recovered from Covid and its persistent cough, she is more active again too. Nothing would prevent us from attending baseball this week, right? Not quite.

Namine has been working much harder lately in her recovery from Covid. She and I have been going on bike runs more often — where she rides her bike and I run alongside her. We went for a mile last week and it triggered a coughing fit. We went out this week for a mile and a half, and she had no coughing at all. I took that as a good sign.

Namine has also been crawling up and down the stairs by herself. This wasn’t so much out of choice but necessity. Our air conditioner unfortunately needs to be replaced, so our house is much warmer than is comfortable for long periods of time. This led us to move my and Namine’s workstations downstairs. (Good thing we have plenty of tables to do so!)

When we’re in a hurry — like in a storm — I can carry Namine downstairs. But she is also able to climb up and down the stairs on her own, as long as it doesn’t trigger a coughing fit. And it hasn’t lately; our morning routine this week now involves her climbing downstairs, after which I carry her wheelchair down and help her climb into it.

None of this has caused Namine any problems, nor has it triggered any of the coughing fits that she had been experiencing. After therapy, however, the coughing was back and in full force. So, even wearing a mask, she did not feel comfortable with going to baseball for a couple reasons.

Firstly, Namine doubted how much she’d be able to enjoy playing baseball if she was suffering from the frequent coughing. Secondly, if she was coming down with something again — which is a possibility due to her weakened immune system — she didn’t want to expose others to whatever this was. Furthermore, she didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable with her coughing so much. (Covid is, after all, a near constant concern.) All this led us to heading straight home after therapy.

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