A colorful haircut

Namine got her hair cut. She also got a purple streak!

Namine decided she wanted to keep her hair short. The past few years she’s grown her hair long to donate it, and then gotten it cut short each time; she decided she didn’t want to do that anymore.

After she explained it to me, I told her she didn’t need to justify anything. The decision to donate her hair was hers and hers alone, and if she wanted to just keep it short, that was entirely up to her, too.

She asked if she could her hair dyed. Since Jessica regularly does the same, how could we say no? (Besides, after years of bleaching my own hair, I would be the world’s biggest hypocrite.)

The coloring was just temporary. It is supposed to last a few days, but it seems to have washed out somewhat last night. Whoops.

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