Hair cut

Rockin’ the pixie cut.

For the past few years, Namine has grown her hair long enough to donate, then gotten it cut short. She repeated this process twice. Growing her hair long enough to donate takes about two years, and Namine decided she didn’t want to do that anymore. She just wanted to keep it short.

When Namine decided to donate her hair, she explained to us that she wanted her hair to be given, not sold, to someone who needed it. It was for that reason that we chose Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. (Locks of Love, by contrast, sells their wigs; they do not donate.)

When Namine asked us if she could just keep her hair short, and not grow it out to donate it, we said yes, of course. It is generous of her to donate her hair when she did, but it is not her responsibility to do so, nor is it selfish of her to not grow out her hair for donation.

This is a crucial differentiation, I think. It’s important — not just for Namine, but for everyone — to recognize the difference between an ability and a responsibility. Similarly, Namine has in the past asked for donations in place of birthday presents, but it is not selfish for her to ask for presents for herself.

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