Basketball with the new wheelchair

Namine got to take her brand new, custom-built wheelchair for a spin at basketball practice.

Since it was Namine’s first time really letting loose with this chair, it was slow going in the beginning. The length is much different than the loaner chair she’s been using, so turns take her a little more time. She started out doing some maneuvering exercises, then we moved on to group exercises.

There weren’t many kids at this practice; only one other family, aside from us, showed up. This offered a unique opportunity, however. I and the other dad got into loaner chairs of our own, and practiced with our daughters. A couple weeks ago, I’d gotten into a chair and practiced with Namine; she loved it. She was thrilled to do so again.

Since there were so few of us — counting the dads and coach, only five altogether — we all took turns pulling each other in a train. The girls started out by just pulling their dads, but they each enjoyed pulling everyone.

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