I knew we got a large vehicle for a reason.

Namine had physical therapy today, which meant both her walker and wheelchair had to be in the car. Jessica picked me up from work this evening, and then we left to meet Namine’s basketball coach.

There’s no basketball practice this Saturday, being Christmas Eve eve, but there is practice next Saturday. One of Namine’s coaches, however — the one who always supplies her with a sport wheelchair — will be out of town. All this culminated in a perfect storm; we met with him tonight to pick up the sport wheelchair, so we could have it with us, and we had to fit it inside our already packed car.

Both wheelchairs have quick-release wheels, so we detached both sets of wheels. Without their wheels, they both fit side by side in the way back. With the seat folded down (as per usual, since Namine normally climbs out that way), all four wheels and the walker fit in the space next to Namine.

Of course, when I say we have a large car to accommodate Namine and her equipment, this is not the norm. One wheelchair and one walker is the most equipment we’ve had to haul — until tonight, that is. Still, this was good practice for when the Marquette class delivers Namine’s own sport wheelchair.

With all the Christmas stuff in the living room, however, there was no room for an additional wheelchair, so I put it in the garage. It didn’t occur to me until I opened the garage door that we actually have quite a few wheelchairs, now. There’s Namine’s old one, plus the craptacular loaner that we thankfully never had to use at length, and now the loaner sport wheelchair, as well.

Our growing collection


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