Sport wheelchair meeting

We met with the Marquette students building Namine’s wheelchair. Namine had a lot of fun.

We’ve met with this group a couple times. They had a basic sport chair with the measurements we’ve given them, and now they wanted to see what Namine thought of the handling and proportions. Long story short: if they had given her this chair, she would have been thrilled. Pack it up guys, we’re done here.

All joking aside, once I sat Namine in the chair, she was off like a shot. We were in a classroom, so she couldn’t really cut loose, but that didn’t stop her from lapping the room until it was time to leave — or the students had some questions or more measurements to take.

It didn’t stop her from crashing into things from time to time, either. In her defense, the dimensions of this chair — and the new one yet to be built — are even larger than her current chair. And it took her a while to get used to that one, which replaced the older, smaller chair.

While Namine was off to the races, the students discussed the new chair with us. Not the chair Namine was currently trying out, but the chair they will build. We discussed custom seats, an altered frame (to prevent tipping more so than typical sport wheelchairs do), a custom cage to protect her legs, and more. For their part, it seems to us that they’re enjoying this project. We’re excited for Namine, and she couldn’t be any more thrilled about getting a custom sport chair all her own.

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