Sport wheelchair update

Namine got to try out her new wheelchair. It’s not done yet, but it’s close.

The group of biomechanical engineering Marquette students have been hard at work building Namine’s sport wheelchair. Now that the frame and seat are finished, they wanted to see her try it out.

Nearly everything about this chair is adjustable. The seat has individual cushioning pieces so that it can be made to form to Namine’s legs. The back rest also has custom tension, so that it can give Namine as much or little support as she needs.

The chair itself is made of titanium, so it’s very light, despite its size; I think it might even be lighter than her current wheelchair. (Namine was able to pick up one end with just one hand.) The only piece that isn’t titanium is the removable leg guard, which is made of steel.

Namine took some laps around the lab where we met the Marquette group. She told the group what she thought of it, along with concerns for any further adjustments. (She’s a real stickler for seat belts, so the fact that it doesn’t have one yet did not escape her attention.)

All in all, she’s thrilled with it, and she’s very excited that it will be completed soon.

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