Healed wrist

Namine’s wrist is no longer broken.

A couple weeks ago, we brought Namine in to see her orthopedic surgeon and bone specialist, Dr. Brian Black. She had complained of her wrist hurting, saying that it felt like it was broken. The X-rays they took proved her right, but they didn’t put her in a cast because she needs her arms for everything she does. Instead, they gave her a brace and told her to be careful.

Unfortunately, “being careful” has little to do with it. There is no incident that we can identify as the cause of this break, just like how we had no explanation for how her leg got broken.

Namine had a follow-up appointment in two weeks, and that appointment was this morning. She had the same X-rays that she had two weeks ago, and they revealed that the compression fracture is gone.

Even though the break is healed, Namine’s doctor still wants her to wear the brace for two more weeks. It’s more of a precaution, especially since we still can’t explain how it got broken in the first place.

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