Tonight was our last practice of the father-daughter dance before the dress rehearsal.

After two practice sessions of what I could only describe as “chaos,” the dance is really starting to come together. Up until now, we’ve been practicing in a fairly small room, but now that we’ve got the whole thing down, we practiced for other dance teams in a room the same size as the stage where we’ll be performing in the recital. With a little more room, it was indeed easier.

Since Namine is the only one in a wheelchair, we’ve been left to figure out for ourselves the parts that would seem normal to any other father-daughter pair. For example, there’s this one part where the dads pick up their daughters and spin them around. In the first practice, Namine and I started out with me spinning her in her wheelchair, but it didn’t feel like it had enough flair.

In the second practice, Namine locked her brakes and unbuckled herself so I could pick her up, and that felt better — more snazzy, for lack of a better word. But it was still slow, because of the extra stuff Namine had to do. But by the end of the third practice, we’d pretty much nailed down how to do the whole dance with Namine unbuckled and brakes unlocked. (I’ve gotten pretty good at picking Namine straight up without inadvertently pushing her wheelchair away, if I do say so myself.)

After practice was over, on the way out, we picked up our father-daughter dance costumes. Namine’s dress is really pretty! Also, I get to wear a crown and a shiny cape. (No pictures until dress rehearsal, though!)

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