A new year of dance

Despite not having her walker, Namine enjoyed herself immensely in dance class.

When Namine took dance three years ago, she stayed in her wheelchair. This past season, however, Namine stayed in her walker throughout all her practices and her recital as well. She is determined to do the same this dance season.

Unfortunately, dancing in her walker is a little difficult when you forget her walker at home. Not one to be deterred, Namine was perfectly happy to start the class sitting on the floor for this week’s class. As much as she could, she did her stretches and kicks, and when moving about the room was required, she did it gleefully from in her wheelchair seat.

Speaking of her dance class, she’s in a completely different class this time around. There are three or four ballet/tap/jazz classes per week, so chances were good that she wouldn’t end up in the same group of kids. That never would have mattered much to Namine anyway; that child makes friends so easily, and this week was no exception.

Last season, the dance class order went tap, ballet, jazz. Namine didn’t attend tap, so we just brought her in time for ballet and jazz. This season, the order is ballet, tap, jazz. Namine has the option to sit and watch during tap, but of course she opted not to. I’m sure she’ll participate as much as she can with her walker, too.

It’s the same year, but a new year of dance. (The school year is funny like that.) A new year of dance means growth on Namine’s part, too — and I don’t just mean that she’s taller. Last season, Namine asked me to sit in with her, to help her when she needed help. This season, however, she told us that she wanted to attend practice by herself. This is a big step for her!

It’s going to be a great year.

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