All-Star game 

Namine had a great time at her last baseball game of the season.

Namine didn’t play her last game on the same team she’d been on all season; for the All-Star game, they combined the players into new teams. The team Namine was on for this last game was called the Sands, while her opposing team was the Cardinals.

Before the game started, they had practice and a bunch of other activities. Namine switched off between practice — batting, throwing, and catching — and coloring at one of the picnic tables they’d set up for crafts.

Namine had a great time playing baseball this season. She missed a couple weeks when we went to Florida in July (and a couple times when Namine was sick, but that’s just life), but she was so happy to have been able to attend more than one game this season. She definitely wants to sign up again next year.

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  1. you’re a great dad

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