Back to basketball

Namine was very happy to return to basketball after two weeks of vacation.

We were late to basketball this afternoon, and it didn’t help that someone removed the doorstop keeping the ramp door open. So Namine and I walked all around the building where basketball practice is held, searching for an unlocked door. We finally found one, though — one that opened into the middle of a stairwell. So I carried Namine, in her wheelchair, up the stairs to the floor where the gym is located.

No worries, though, because we arrived. A little late, maybe, but that’s better than not at all. We got Namine situated in a wheelchair (one better suited to basketball), and away she went to join her friends.

Actually, Namine ended up in the second sports wheelchair the coach brought out for her. She transferred herself into the first wheelchair with little help from me — I just held the sports wheelchair still, since it has no brakes.

We discovered too late, though, that the chair also had no waist strap. It had a leg strap, but that was of no use. So the coach brought out a similar chair, this time one with a waist strap. I just picked Namine up, telling her that I wasn’t about to make her transfer twice. (Not to mention the trickery of transferring between two chairs that didn’t have brakes!)

Today’s basketball session was a little bit of the familiar, and a little bit of the new. The familiar was passing — which Namine has done both with and without bouncing the ball between herself and the person she’s passing to. The new was a new drill: zig-zagging forwards and back between little cones down the gym. She caught a cone under her chair a few times, but she got the hang of it.

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